We utilize fast analytical systems for high speed monitoring of cellular secretion.  We also use multi-color laser-induced fluorescence detection for achieving spectral resolution in cases where spatial resolution is limited. 

Example papers:

​Adams, A. G.; Bulusu, R. K. M.; Mukhitov, N.; Mendoza-Cortes, J. L.; Roper, M. G. "Online measurement of glucose consumption from HepG2 cells using an integrated bioreactor and enzymatic assay" Analytical Chemistry2019, 91, 5184-5190.PDF

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Measurement of Cellular Secretion

The fabrication of these devices can be tricky, especially when attempting to make extremely shallow channels.  Follow this link to a protocol that we have found to have good success at making glass microfluidic chips.  This protocol has been published and should be cited if used:

Baker, C. A.; Roper, M. G. “Continuous-flow, microchip electrophoresis fraction collector” Journal of Chromatography A 2010, 1217, 4743-4748.

Fabrication of Glass Microfluidic Devices

Sample Preperation

Microfluidic devices are ideal systems to automate various aspects of sample preparation.  We have developed several devices that are being used to derivatize, stimulate, and collect from biological samples.

Filla, R. T.; Schrell, A. M.; Coulton, J. B.; Edwards, J. L.; Roper, M. G. “Frequency-modulated continuous flow analysis electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (FM-CFA-ESI-MS) for sample multiplexing” Analytical Chemistry201890, 2414-2419.  PDF

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Islets of Langerhans Dynamics


We are developing microfluidic devices that can deliver reagents to islets of Langerhans in complex temporal patterns to investigate how islets respond to these dynamic stimulations.

Example papers:

Mukhitov, N.; Adablah, J. E.; Roper, M. G. "Gene expression patterns in synchronized islet populations" Islets2019,11, 21-32.PDF

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