At Florida state university


October 2017 - Nick successfully defends his PhD! Congratulations, Dr. Mukhitov!

January 2017 - Adrian's fluorescence anisotropy paper gets published in Analytical Methods!

April 2016 - Lian and Xue graduate!

April 2016 -  Lian successfully defends her PhD!  Congrats Dr. Yi!

March 2016 - Xue successfully defends her PhD!  Congrats Dr. Wang!

February 2016 - Xue gets her paper accepted into Analytical Chemistry describing a method for   monitoring amino acid secretions from islets!  PDF

January 2016 - Collaborating with NOXXON Pharma, Lian gets a paper in Analyst using Spiegelmers as affinity reagents!  PDF

January 2016 - Anna Adams, Joel Adablah, and Weijia Leng join the lab!  Welcome!

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