At Florida state university


Lab News

May 2019 - Mike, Basel, Joel, and Rafael present at the Annual Human Islet Research Network meeting

May 2018 - Mike presents at the IPITA Key Opinion Leaders on Stem Cell Derived Beta Cells

February 2018 - Dr. Rafael Masitas joins the lab, welcome Dr. Masitas!

October 2017 - Mike presents at FACS / SCIX 

October 2017 - Nick successfully defends his PhD! Congratulations, Dr. Mukhitov!

September 2017 - The Roper lab gets funded from NIH to be a part of the Human Islet Research Network (HIRN)!

May 2017 - Mike presents at Scripps FL

March 2017 - The Roper lab has their NIH grant renewed!

January 2017 - Adrian's fluorescence anisotropy paper gets published in Analytical Methods!